Perth Solar Battery Charging Systems

We offer a comprehensive range of products for battery charging systems and inverters for AC power production. These products are ideal for the following applications:

  • RV/4WD use
  • Camping applications
  • Boating applications
  • Refrigeration and Freezer Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Pumping Systems
  • Security Systems
  • General Battery Charging Applications

Too often we find ourselves having to rely either on generators units with their associated noise, maintenance and transportation problems or AC powered sites when we use our caravans, camping tents or even boating trips.

These days we can affordably use solar power to recharge batteries that can provide all the power we need to run both DC appliances directly or with a DC/AC inverter, we can run standard AC appliances.

Our solar modules are designed to charge 12V batteries or with larger systems we can also charge 24V and 48VDC battery banks.

Our solar modules feature efficient 'A' grade mono-crystalline solar cells for high conversion efficiency, compact size and light weight handling. Our solar modules are compact and easy to handle solar modules manufactured by leading European companies for long life.

The solar module warranty for these smaller units is as good as that for their larger counter parts: 10 years for workmanship and materials plus 25 years on the electrical performance.

These single modules can be bought and installed separately or added in series or parallel for higher voltage or charging current. In these instances, Renewable Energy International has a range of sea environment PWM charge controllers and MPPT charge controllers. The MPPT controllers will improve charging efficiency by up to 30% under cloudy or low light conditions and are well worth the extra costs when one considers the life of the solar module and the need to squeeze as much as possible from as small an area of solar modules as possible.

Our View Star solar controller features large screen read out with power ratings up to 60 amps at 48VDC with 35mm2 terminal size.

Solar Power for Boats!

REI has a range of solar modules for keeping batteries in tip top condition on your boat. REI recently displayed their 7.20m aluminium runabout at the 2012 Mandurah Boat Show with Challenge Marine.

The company’s display boat was made by McLay Boats of New Zealand where in 2011, it won the Best Aluminium Boat 6m to 7m category at the New Zealand Boat Show.

Pictured Left: John Hall (left) Managing Director of REI and Mr. Steve McLay (right) Managing Director of McLay Boats, at the Mandurah Boat show with one of REI’s new range of solar modules suitable for marine applications.

Display Boat Solar Power System

The company installed a system that would run independently of any shore power and would occupy the area provided by the hard top. The result was a 200W high power mono-crystalline solar module fitted to one of the company’s Tracer MPPT solar charge controllers with the addition of a remote meter so the battery voltage and charge current can be easily viewed from the helm position’s console.

The advantage of the system is that whilst the boats battery bank is 12 volts, the high power solar module has its 36.4VDC operating voltage and 5.5 amp maximum charging current configured to the requirements of the charging set points of the battery bank but at far higher charging current.

This configuration allows for far more efficient charging of the battery bank particularly in early morning and late afternoon and during periods of overcast weather. Up to 30% greater charging current is common during these conditions.

Cabling from the solar module’s location to that of the Tracer controller can also be done in smaller diameter cable without any voltage loss.

All in all our system offers the convenience and safety of having your own reliable, silent and long lasting power source.

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