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Residential Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Solar Pioneer Award

In remote areas where the grid does not reach, for many years the only source of power has been diesel generator sets.

Whilst relatively cheap to initially purchase, a diesel generator set has many distinctive financial disadvantages in today’s high energy cost environment:

  • High costs for the diesel fuel itself
  • High cost for delivery to site
  • High cost for oils, filters and associated wearing parts
  • High cost for minor and major engine overhauls
  • Availability of trained and experienced service personnel
  • Operational noise and exhaust gases into the local environment
  • More often than not, the generators are not run for 24 hours at many locations

Today, more than ever before, off-grid remote area power systems have become very affordable and far more flexible with the types of quality components available.

Also, state and federal governments also have financial incentives for purchases of off-grid solar power systems, making the initial purchase price even more enticing.

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What’s Our Advantage?

  1. 36 years’ experience in the Renewable Energy Industry
  2. WA Owned Family Company
  3. Uses highest quality German made Solar Modules
  4. Uses highest quality German made Inverters
  5. Business Built on Client References and Goodwill
  6. Can Design, Supply, Install and Commission systems for:
    • Off Grid Residence and Businesses Clients
    • Commercial Clients in the Mining and Pastoral Industry
    • Commercial Clients in the Telecommunication Industry
    • Remote Aboriginal Communities
  7. Cost Effective Pricing due to Low Overheads
  8. Installation by Experienced and CEC Accredited Electrical Contractors
  9. Efficient and Fast Local After Sales Service
  10. Long Manufacturer Warranties and Support

“John and his team at Renewable Energy International made the experience of learning about and implementing an off grid solar power system a fascinating and enjoyable one.

The advice was sound and a fit for purpose system was specified that both suited our needs and minimised cost.

Our system has now been in operation for the last 3 months which was through the worst of the winter months and has performed without issue.

I’ve recommended dealing with John and his knowledgeable team to all of my friends that have shown interest in off grid solar systems”

Douglas R. of Gidgegannup, WA

Systems are designed utilising the very latest design software, inverter and battery technology and local weather data from the local Bureau of Meteorology.

It is very important that accurate recording of all the anticipated loads are made, as without this data, it proves very difficult to design a system that will fulfil a client’s expectations.

In our system designs, we only use power electronic products from the German manufacturer, SMA Solar Technology AG, due to their advanced designs, many years of field experience, local service backup and trouble free operation over many years in harsh environments.

The heart of our Off-Grid systems is the Sunny Island 6H & 8H. This unit provides the interface between the AC coupling of all energy sources, efficient battery charging and optimisation, diesel generator control (where required) and monitoring and control of the solar energy source during daylight hours.

The solar module array is wired to the highly efficient Sunny Boy SB5000TL-21 grid inverter that features a maximum efficiency of 97%, Reactive Power Control electronic topography, Bluetooth® technology and ease of operation.

Storage of the solar power excess to power consumption requirements during the day is via our deep cycle tubular plate Hoppecke or Sonnenschein gel battery. To find out more about Hoppecke batteries, please click here.

The number of solar modules and Sunny Island/Sunny Boy inverters as well as the battery capacity is determined once all confirmed load data is received and analysed.


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