Residential Battery Hybrid Systems

The latest technology system available for the energy conscious is what is referred to as a hybrid system. These systems allow the home owner to capture the excess electricity generated during the day by their solar grid-connect system and use it to charge a battery bank for later use.

A lot of families have the home owners working during the day with any children either at school or at work themselves. Little power is therefore used during the day. With a ‘family sized’ solar power system (3kW or larger) typically installed, the only appliances that would actually run off the AC power generated by the solar power system is limited to items like refrigeration, timers and clocks and occasionally a swimming pool pump during summer months.

If this family is on the typical Synergy Home Plan (A1) tariff it will only receive a pittance as a feed-in tariff for excess solar power fed back to the grid, whilst paying the top rate for the standard electricity charge when the solar power system is no longer contributing to the homes power requirements.

It is important to note that if your household has a higher feed-in tariff of $0.47135 or so, then the economics of storing excess power are not warranted at all. It is best to sell the excess power back to the grid at the rate offered.

Only when there is a marked differential between standard tariff and feed-in tariff, does the economics of battery storage become worthwhile.

There are many manufacturers and products being introduced to the Australian market every month.

Like any other new market segment, it is sometimes very confusing for suppliers and clients alike.

For this reason, Renewable Energy International, has decided to stick with the most reliable, financially stable and advanced companies in their field of expertise.

Grid & Battery Inverter

Without doubt the leading manufacturer in this field for many years is the German company, SMA Solar Technology AG.

Their products include the Sunny Boy range of inverters for single phase applications and Sunny Tripower range of inverters for three phase applications.

For battery storage, an add on battery inverter is the Sunny Boy Storage inverter

The Flexible Storage Solution to Maximise Self-Use of Solar Generation

The flexible storage solution from SMA gives you flexibility when it comes to new and existing PV systems. capacities, combined with lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries to achieving maximum home power generation self-consumption of your own solar power. In addition to components for intelligent planning and control, storage units as well as customised services to ensure the greatest amount of independence.

The German designed and manufactured, high quality and reliability of SMA components combined with L storage can provide a robust and flexible solution for most new and existing solar power systems.

The Sunny Boy Storage inverter won an EES Award at the 2016 Intersolar conference in Munich, Germany.

Sunny Boy Storage Inverter

Lithium Battery (Residential Energy Storage Unit: RESU)

LG Chem is one of the largest and most respected lithium battery manufacturer’s in the world.

The LG Group has over 200 overseas subsidiaries, 200,000 employers, 90 R & D facilities and revenue of over US$105 billion (2012).

LG Chem makes batteries for OEM companies worldwide and has an unenviable reputation for reliability and quality.

The Residential Energy Storage Unit from the Korean company LG Chem Ltd. is an innovative storage solution, using lithium-ion batteries with advanced JH3 cell technology.

The RESU range boasts the world’s highest energy density in the low-voltage range. Thanks to different low-voltage and high-voltage variants, it supports a wide range of compatible inverters.

The basic device in the range is available from 3.3–10 kWh and can easily be expanded, therefore increasing storage capacity.

The software upgrades of the Battery Management System are available on an SD card: extremely convenient.

Easy to install and space-saving, RESU lends itself to external and internal assembly, as well as application in new and existing systems around the world.

Capacity, energy density, long lifetime and safety — the panel of judges at the 2016 Intersolar conference in Munich, Germany, awarded the RESU range’s pioneering features with the EES Electrical Energy Storage AWARD 2016.

The RESU range of lithium batteries includes the required high voltage models suitable for the Sunny Boy Storage inverters.

(Also available is the Tesla Power wall product in high voltage and products from Mercedes Benz-Daimler-48V)

Sunny Boy Storage Inverter

Sunny Boy Storage

LG Chem

LG Chem Downloads

LG Chem (German)

EES Award Winners 2016

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