Mabwegere Village, Tanzania

January 1, 2011

In January 2011, Andrew Hall, Director and son of John Hall, founder of Renewable Energy International, travelled to Tanzania to accompany the company’s distributor, Andrew Graham of Envirotec Australia Pty. Ltd., to install and commission a small solar power system for the residents of Mabwegere village located in central Tanzania, approximately 6.5 degrees south of the equator.

With the assistance of a hard working local electrician, and local village labour, the system was up and running in no time providing reliable and quality AC power to the residents for the running of a computerised office, room and area lighting, radios, mobile telephone chargers and some television sets.

The solar power system comprises 24 only 185W solar modules fitted onto ground mount frames, wired to an Apollo 80amp MPPT charge controller, which in turn charges a 48VDC 250Ahr Gel sealed battery bank. The battery bank powers a 48V/240VAC sine wave inverter to provide all the AC power required by the village.

A Long Time in the Making

The project was a very long time in the making with meetings held at Renewable Energy International’s head office in Perth to determine the exact system requirements to suit the villagers needs. “It’s not that different to how we handle all jobs” said Andrew Hall. “We drew upon John’s 30 years of system design and his experience in Africa and that helped a lot” Andrew concluded.

Input and output DC power is protected by DC fuses/fuse holders, all pre-assembled and pre-wired in a weatherproof aluminium enclosure. Also fitted is a kWh meter to monitor the actual AC power consumption and all AC circuit breaker protection.

The villagers intend to install a pool table and a television set for entertainment and as the two Andrew’s were leaving site, the funding groups (Rotary and TTPL) thanked Andrew Hall and Andrew Graham for their efforts. Andrew Hall handed over a gift of two boomerangs in return.

Local villagers just love the fact that at long last they have AC power, powered by the sun, to make their lives more comfortable.

Andrew Hall (on the left in yellow top) with Mr. Andrew Graham photographed just after the final wire-up was completed.

The fist light is turned on in the newly constructed community hall. All the lights installed were energy efficient LED fittings.

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