Northam RAPS System

October 15, 2010

Mr. M.P. of Northam has an elevated block of land just on the outskirts of Northam (100km east of Perth) and unfortunately due to the location, no grid power was available unless he spent a small fortune in doing so. “The client asked for a solar power quotation, free of the need to connect to the grid” said John Hall, Managing Director of Renewable Energy International.

“The client was concerned with the high cost of connection to the grid and the ongoing and ever increasing power costs for the new home he was building, and we were able to come up with a very reliable and cost effective system” added John Hall.

The system comprises a 5.18kW solar array, a SMA Sunny Island SI5048 5kW inverter/charger and 2 SMA grid inverters (1 x SB2500 and 1 x SB1700), a 48VDC 1000Ahr Gel sealed battery bank and battery rack. The system is also backed up with a 10kva diesel generator that is called upon automatically should either the load exceed the capacity of the inverter/charger or in the case that the battery bank needs a boost charge. “From discussions with the client about their anticipated loads and knowing the solar array monthly output based on local weather conditions and the efficiency of the inverter system, the use of the generator should be very limited or at all” concluded John Hall.

Solar array on the outskirts of Northam.

An SMA Sunny Island SI5048 5kW inverter/charger and 2 SMA grid inverters.

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