Central Norseman Gold: 15kW Solar Power System

October 1, 2010

Central Norseman Gold (CNG) operates a successful gold mining operation at Norseman, Western Australia, a small town 190km south of Kalgoorlie and 720km east of Perth. Whilst the company generates its own power, the company also was very interested to install a solar power system on its administration building to demonstrate and monitor the effectiveness of solar power in its operations. “I think that CNG should be congratulated on their investment in renewable energy as it shows that the company has done more than just talk about greenhouse gas abatement” said John Hall, Managing Director of Renewable Energy International.

The entire 15kW system was installed in under a day and a half. Site Supervisor, Andrew Hall, was very impressed with the installation saying “Our whole team are a good group of professional, experienced trades people with a real interest in installing and promoting renewable energy. It makes jobs like this, many kilometres from home and head office, a real delight to be part of.”

The entire 15kW system was installed in under a day and a half.

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